I want to divide this page into two parts: about this site where I get into why and how this site exists, and about me where I will brag about how awesome I am 😛.

About this site

This site exists because I get the on-and-off urge to write out my thoughts, particularly (but not limited to) things I am working on, places I have visited or random trivia that may not be every useful to humankind.

The site runs on Ghost, a headless Node.js CMS, hosted on an on-premise VM. In the day and age of cheap hardware and network resources, this website is my experiment on running a public website with spare resources one can find at every home.

About me

My wife and I in Tofino, BC

By introduction, my name is Abhishek Dey Das (yes my last name has two words). My day job is to lead a team of awesome engineers building technology than enables effective planning for truck movements for Amazon Freight. I like to play with technology on weekends, dream about products, travel, and dabble with photography.