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Hosting your website at home

There are many options to host a personal or small business website today and it typically costs $5 and upwards per month. This is the best option in most cases, especially if the $5 includes security patches, regular upgrades, and so on. However, if you rent a Virtual Machine (VM) on the cloud (think DigitalOcean droplets, AWS EC2, etc), this might be for you. Most VM offerings on the cloud do not include patches and updates in their all-inclusive price, so the per-hour rate is essentially just paying for using their hardware and any energy costs. This post explores if its more cost-effective to simply host your website at home.

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Setting up pfSense with NextDNS CLI

NextDNS is piHole on the cloud and claims to protect networks and devices from security threats, malware, and adverts. I have been using their DNS servers on our home network for a while now, and although that provides basic functionality, their NextDNS CLI provides more advanced features that I was missing out on. Unfortunately, there’s no official support on pfSense for it yet, and documentation is sketchy on how to get it up and running.

Hence, I thought of writing a 15-min step-by-step guide on setting up NextDNS CLI with pfSense.

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